Why can’t we purchase books directly from you?
It is not realistic to store and ship books directly. Books are only sold through distributors: Schoolhouse Press in the United States or Ito Yarns in Germany. As an individual you can purchase books from your LYS, Schoolhouse Press, Ito Yarns, and many on-line sellers. If you are a retailer, please contact Schoolhouse Press at info@schoolhousepress.com or Ito Yarns at info@ito-yarns.com for wholesale ordering.

What is the best way to get help?
The Friends of Cecelia Campochiaro group on Ravelry is a welcoming place for anyone interested in sequence knitting or making marls.

What is sequence knitting?
Sequence knitting is the creating of knit fabric through the repetition of a sequence of stitches over and over by some rule. Many sequence knitting fabrics are very familiar, like ribbing, but most are more complicated and can be very interesting all-over textures.

What is a marl?
Marl can refer to a yarn made from different strands, usually strands of the same weight but in different colors. It is also can refer to fabric made from marl yarn. In handknitting, the knitter can create their own marls just by holding multiple strands together while knitting.

Do you like to use selvedges?
Sometimes. A selvedge should have a purpose like resisting the curl of stockinette, acting as a decorative edge, or making joinery easier.

In sequence knitting, most fabrics lay flat and don’t need a selvedge to resist curl. In fact, sequence knits often make good decorative and functional selvedges for stockinette.

A slip stitch selvedge makes both sides look exactly the same even when making fine stripes by changing the yarn every two rows. The down sides of this selvedge are 1) if you forget, it leaves a nasty bump, and 2) it makes the edges tighter, which can affect drape.